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The goal of the Move in Balaton (MiBo) team is to collect every sport and leisure unit, facility around Lake Balaton in a single surface, here. On the connecting Facebook and Instagram pages, we share interesting facts, articles, pictures, videos and relevant informations about the life of the „Hungarian Sea”.

One of our long-term intention is to organise sport, recreation and family events alongside with the units under a succesfull collaboration. MiBo’s colleagues with a decades-long history in communication and organising events, are achieving the goals set together with the clients.

Team building

A corporate team building, a bachelor party, a bachelorette party, or a friendly weekend? Contact us if you want to spend time on Lake Balaton with full of content and programs. Accommodation, programs, meals, transfer, presenter are not a problem. All in one place from 5 to 500 people.
Build your team with us and do not stress over the details! With decades of experience, we welcome all those interested in up to 12 languages.


Aktív Pont

North coast / Tihany

8237 Tihany, Lepke sor 9-11.

Aktív Pont offers well-maintained bicycles, opportunities for sailing and small boat rental, as well as guided walking and cycling tours for visitors of to the Tihany Peninsula. Their goal is to create a memorable holiday for their guests.



North coast / Balatonederics

8312 Balatonederics, 71. számú főút

If you want to admire Lake Balaton and its beautiful surroundings from the bird's eye view, fly with the crew of BognAIR. Attend to BognAIR's pilot training or try the service of aerial photography.


SUPshop Outlet

South coast / Siófok

8600 Siófok, Marosi út 1.

The first SUP Outlet of Hungary opened its doors!
We are waiting for you with high quality hobby paddle boards - you can get all items at discount prices.
Open from Monday to Saturday: 10-17 h


Viharsarok Sailing Center

South coast / Balatonföldvár

8623 Balatonföldvár, Keleti strand, Somogyi Béla utca

Fortunately, you don’t have to travel abroad if you want to get in touch with the surfer’s feelings of life and enjoy the activity of this sport. They are waiting for their guests at their base on Balatonföldvár, at Keleti beach.


Zala Springs Golf Resort

North coast / Zalacsány

8782 Zalacsány, Vállalkozók útja 2.

Zala Springs Golf Resort is located in the neighborhood of Hévíz and Lake Balaton in an elegant environment. We recommend it for golf lovers and for those, who love high quality and sophisticated design.


ZMRD Funpark

South coast / Zamárdi

8621 Zamárdi, Kiss Ernő u. 10.

The Zamárdi Funpark opened its doors in 2019 on the largest free beach of Lake Balaton. The goal of the team was to provide a completely new and unique entertainment opportunity on the already full-service shoreline of Zamárdi.



Seeing a shooting star as a child, he dreamed of his own ship 

Seeing a shooting star as a child, he dreamed of his own ship 

Most of us are nearing the end of their high school years and don’t really know “what will happen when they finish”. Of course, many people find the higher education institution they think is right for them and then either graduate or choose a completely different school and profession. Rarely but there are exceptions. They are those who have lived for their dreams since childhood, and started to work for it before they graduate. Erik Kremán, the managing director of the Hungarian Sea Yacht, is certainly one of the youngest owners of the Hungarian fleet. The young skipper is the exception to the rule.

To my first question, when can one start sailing, he laughs out loud. “When a person is already aware of his actions, so at the age of 5 or 6 I think. Of course under the supervision of a parent or other experienced sailor.”

With a “skyscraper” above Lake Balaton

With a “skyscraper” above Lake Balaton

For more than a decade, Balaton Ballooning Kft. has been providing world-class service with one of the largest hot air balloons in Europe. We asked Gábor Kollár about his responsibility in offering unique experience, the know-how of ten thousand cubic and fifteen hundred square meter.

The service provided by you has been operating in the world for 34 years, and in Hungary for 13 years. How did it all start? Did an international franchise look at Hungary as a potentially interesting location, or did a parent company already operating abroad establish a subsidiary here?

BikeBalaton, by bike anywhere, anytime

BikeBalaton, by bike anywhere, anytime

It has just started as a usual family vacation, of course - as we have become accustomed to - we forgot something again. We didn’t really plan cycling either, but thanks to the weather, we had one of the best experiences of our lives. This is how BikeBalaton became the basis of our holiday at Lake Balaton.

As capricious the weather these days is, so must the tourist be resilient. And nothing proved our resilience better than on a certain morning in Lake Balaton, when the temperature certainly reminded me of a mild winter instead of a warm summer. Beaching as an option is excluded, so it happened that at 10 o'clock in the morning we were already standing in front of the BikeBalaton store, pondering our options.



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