Our goal

The goal of the Move in Balaton (MiBo) team is to collect every sport and leisure unit, facility around Lake Balaton in a single surface, here. On the connecting Facebook and Instagram pages, we share interesting facts, articles, pictures, videos and relevant informations about the life of the „Hungarian Sea”.

One of our long-term intention is to organise sport, recreation and family events alongside with the units under a succesfull collaboration. MiBo’s colleagues with a decades-long history in communication and organising events, are achieving the goals set together with the clients.


Balaton Adventure Park

North coast / Paloznak

8229 Paloznak Hrsz: 0983

Between Veszprém and Csopak, the Balaton Adventure Park has been waiting for its returning and new guests for the 7th consecutive years. In the nearly 4-hectare green environment, adults and children can have fun with no limits.


Balaton Ballooning

North coast / Cserszegtomaj

8372 Cserszegtomaj, Fenyves u. 2.

One of the largest balloons in Europe awaits the guest between April 1 and October 31. Depending on the weather, it takes off in the area of Gyenesdiás-Keszthely-Hévíz on daily basis in the late afternoon and landing around sunset.


Balaton Golf Club

North coast / Balatonudvari

8242 Balatonudvari, Vászolyi utca

Balaton's first 18-hole golf course with the touch of the Mediterraneans, also suitable for international competitions, awaits golfers in a wonderful setting. The course, designed by architect Hans-Georg Erhardt, brings a new dimension of quality recreation to the shores of Lake Balaton.


Balatonlellei Vízisport Központ

South coast / Balatonlelle

8638 Balatonlelle, Móló sétány

The tiny green building on the Móló promenade in Balatonlelle hides a lot of experiences. Windsurfers, pedal boats, single and double kayaks, SUPs, and a three-person pirate sailboat await water lovers.



South coast / Siófok

8600 Siófok, Petőfi sétány 9.

More than two decades of experience, expert attitude, maximum customer experience. These characterize the business of BikeSiófok, located in the largest city at Lake Balaton.



North coast / Szigliget

8264, Szigliget, Külsőhegyi út 64.

"You can't buy happiness, but you can purchase a good bike, and the two are close. ” as the slogan of Brin Garage says, which largely reflects the owner’s relationship to bikes.



BikeBalaton, by bike anywhere, anytime

BikeBalaton, by bike anywhere, anytime

It has just started as a usual family vacation, of course - as we have become accustomed to - we forgot something again. We didn’t really plan cycling either, but thanks to the weather, we had one of the best experiences of our lives. This is how BikeBalaton became the basis of our holiday at Lake Balaton.

As capricious the weather these days is, so must the tourist be resilient. And nothing proved our resilience better than on a certain morning in Lake Balaton, when the temperature certainly reminded me of a mild winter instead of a warm summer. Beaching as an option is excluded, so it happened that at 10 o'clock in the morning we were already standing in front of the BikeBalaton store, pondering our options.

Rules of sunbathing

Rules of sunbathing

Everyone needs sun protection, and adequate sun protection. The good news is that today everyone can find the best sunscreen for their skin type, age and special needs - activity, fragrance, texture. Applying sunscreens is essential to protect our skin and to stay healthy. Research from the recent decades has also shown that ultraviolet radiation plays a significant role in the development of diseases caused by the sun, including skin cancer. And the MiBo team wants to help in prevention.

1. Avoid direct sunlight between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.!
During that time UVA and UVB rays travel much shorter in the Earth's atmosphere, making them much more intense.

Rules of bathing

Rules of bathing

Even with or without Pandemic, it is still worth remaining cautious, especially in crowded places. For example, on the beaches. There are so many written and unwritten rules that don’t hurt to remind ourselves at the start of the season, because as the saying goes: it’s better safe than sorry.

Freedom, relaxation, and swimming in an educated way? We would not like to go into the basics of etiquette, yet we feel that it is always important to draw attention to a little thing or two. So let's start with the basics. Don’t spit, yell, litter, and only take your pet to the designated beach. If this is already the case, we can turn to the slightly more complex topics.


Team building

A corporate team building, a bachelor party, a bachelorette party, or a friendly weekend? Contact us if you want to spend time on Lake Balaton with full of content and programs. Accommodation, programs, meals, transfer, presenter are not a problem. All in one place from 5 to 500 people.
Build your team with us and do not stress over the details! With decades of experience, we welcome all those interested in up to 12 languages.


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