Address: 8312 Balatonederics, 71. számú főút


If you want to admire Lake Balaton and its beautiful surroundings from the bird's eye view, fly with the crew of BognAIR.

The program starts with 10 minutes of ground preparation, and after take-off, the guest can guide the two-wheeled aircraft for 15 minutes with the help of the pilot. After landing, it is also possible to discuss the experiences and issues that arise.

Pilot training: A highly experienced instructor will explain the mysteries of flying, from theoretical knowledge to practical flight according to a specific topic.

Aerial photography: You can take unique photos from the aircraft, which can be used for the marketing material of your company, enterprise, catalogs, website, or even in case of the sale of your property. The images can also be used for industrial purposes to document construction sites, investments, or other condition surveys.


8312 Balatonederics, 71. számú főút, 92-es km táblánál
GPS: N 464700 E 172241
+36 20 777 9196


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