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It has just started as a usual family vacation, of course - as we have become accustomed to - we forgot something again. We didn’t really plan cycling either, but thanks to the weather, we had one of the best experiences of our lives. This is how BikeBalaton became the basis of our holiday at Lake Balaton.

As capricious the weather these days is, so must the tourist be resilient. And nothing proved our resilience better than on a certain morning in Lake Balaton, when the temperature certainly reminded me of a mild winter instead of a warm summer. Beaching as an option is excluded, so it happened that at 10 o'clock in the morning we were already standing in front of the BikeBalaton store, pondering our options. Two adults with one 7-year-old and one 1-year-old, who only had questions due to lack of experience. City or race bike? How should the younger child be transported? Where do we go if we want to see a lot of things, yet we don’t want to reset our energies right at the very beginning of the holiday? Fortunately the owner, Attila Zrínyi, had tested answers to our questions.

We started with riding tour tips and after I really liked the “small circle”, to Siófok from the Szántód ferry with the touch of Tihany, Balatonfüred, Balatonakarattya, Balatonvilágos, so the choice of bike was easy. Like the tip repertoire, the selection of bicycles varied on a very wide scale. Eventually, we rented a trailer for the smaller child, while the larger one, with a two-wheeler perfectly set for him, was able to keep up with us. We could have asked for a map as well, but we preferred to vote for our cell phone, which we stored in an extremely stable, bike-mountable phone holder. The gift keychain was just icing on the cake. A pleasant surprise - especially in the year of the coronavirus - is the attention of such providers, and of course it is always a pleasure to return home from a family trip with a souvenir. Before Attila let us go, it even turned out that if we had planned the rental in time, they would have even brought the bikes to our accommodation with full equipment. We will try this next time as well.

The trip was fantastic, although we arrived back after closing hours, that extra half hour was no problem as we signalled the delay in time. That is why we are especially grateful. We paid the full cost of the rental when we took over the bikes, so at the end of our tour all we had to do was return the vehicles, thanking the full service and put the kids to bed.

The 2020 season is expected to be postponed, so we’re already cracking our heads on an early fall, friendly bike ride. It is almost certain that next time we will explore the shores of the Hungarian Sea with the help of BikeBalaton.  

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