Hungarian Sea Yacht

Address: 8226 Alsóörs, Sirály park, BAHART kikötő

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The Hungarian Sea Yacht sailing rental company was created by its dreamers with the aim of enabling the widest possible offer of the sailing experience. During building the business, they designed their services as well as their prices sharped by this idea. The goal was fair conditions, well-equipped, safe boats.

In the first years they had only 1 boat for rent, in the 2019 season the fleet meant 4, and today the division includes 5. They started a small company, dreamed big, and over the years they were constantly evolving and learning. Their professional experience, knowledge, and strong technical mindset allow them to provide the maximum for their clients in exchange for their choice.

The Hungarian Sea Yacht company is characterized by youth, flexibility and precision, and since their work is also their hobby, the pleasant atmosphere is always guaranteed.
Their future goal is to become one of the most significant companies in the region, while maintaining the reputation they have built up so far.


8226 Alsóörs, Sirály park, BAHART kikötő
+36 20 358 9601

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