Lúcia Air

Address: 8648 Balatonkeresztúr, Külterület


If you want to walk among the clouds and admire the scenery of Lake Balaton from a bird's eye view, visit Lúcia Air and fly with them! With decades of experience, you can feel maximum security even at the horizon.

The owner of the company, Andor Kántás started operating his air services business in 1990. However, the history of Lúcia Air did not begin until the autumn of 2002. Andor christened his plane from Lúcia, his 9-year-old girl with Rett-syndrome and the company has now become one of the most iconic and well-known aircraft in Hungary. With the plane of Lúcia he flew with his friend Csatkor Latky from Keszthely to Australia, all the way to Sydney, where he created Lúcia Air with the support of Hungarian friends there. The purpose of the flight was to raise awareness of the illness of Lúcia and children with multiple disorders like her. Andor founded "Gondviselés Háza" in 2007, in the downtown of Keszthely, a day care home for children with multiple health issues. Her little daughter, Lúcia also went to this institution. The institution is still operating successfully.


8648 Balatonkeresztúr, Külterület
+36 20 9788 571

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