Kalandsziget Tihany

Address: 8237 Tihany, Lepkesor 29


The Tihany Peninsula has unique natural endowments not only in Hungary but also in Europe. The goal of the dreamers of Kalandsziget was to create a park in harmony with nature, which offers real recreation for youngsters and adults alike.

The high-altitude rope course created in a natural forest environment is a unit of skill and technical tasks located at the level of the canopy of living trees, to which a fall prevention system also belongs. At Kalandsziget, there are currently about 60 easier and heavier obstacles, on 6 different circuits, created with French construction experience, but the repertoire is constantly expanding. This year, the “children's world” part of the park opened, which can be used by the youngest guest from the age of 2 with parental supervision.

Kalandsziget Tihany is a real family business for families. It holds challenging adventures for children, while adults can relax in the hilly, romantic forest visited by ducks, in the nature environment of Tihany, just a stone’s throw from Lake Balaton.


8237 Tihany, Lepkesor 29
+36 30 357 8787

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