Balatonboglár Platán free beach

Address: Platán utca 18, 8630


The Platán thread in Balatonboglár has 9.5 hectares of Lake Balaton. A wide maintained open-air beach is largely shady, and another area is favourable for sun worshipers. The Platán beach should be made a particularly ideal place for those who like active recreation, which is located on the site of a sand volleyball, football, street ball and beach handball court, as well as a basketball court, and the trunk should also be defined for ball games. For children, there are several playgrounds and afternoon programs during the season. Here you will find the Hungarian Sea Fairytale Garden, which has many great things to discover. If you are looking for a family slide adventure, you will find Boglár Bubble Adventure Bath, in which a paid service.


Balatonboglár, Platán utca 18, 8630

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