Balatonlelle free beach

Address: Balatonlelle, Gyöngyvirág köz 6, 8638


Balatonlelle has more than four kilometers of free beaches and four free beaches.

In addition to several smaller open-air beaches, in the middle of the city, west to the boat station, the 2-kilometer-long West Free Beach awaits the water lovers. The shallow, slowly deepening lake shore is also popular among families with small children. The services of the free beach: adventure park, tennis and beach volleyball courts, the huge slide, paddle boat and surf rental, playgrounds, buffets are very popular among the guests.

The Szirom közi free beach is located very next to the Balatonlelle-felső railway station. There is a buffet on the right side of the beach at the entrance. The beach has an interesting shaped shower. The area is surrounded by large trees so you can find plenty of shade.

The free beach on Határ Street is located at the border of Balatonlelle and Balatonszemes. There is a small sandpit and climbing frame for children on the beach. The whole area is covered by huge trees’ shade. There is a snack bar right next to the beach.

At the entrance of the free beach of Csöpi köz there is a buffet and the grocery, which is open only in summer, is available for bathers. There is a social room on the beach with both male and female toilets.


Balatonlelle, Gyöngyvirág köz 6, 8638

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