The big question – 2nd part

As the clash between Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona, the debate among the people of Lake Balaton about which side is the best is quiet the same, there is no right answer. Perhaps even our ancestors were debating about the same question while they rode on horseback and saw the shores of the "Hungarian Sea" for the first time.

Let’s continue with the other side of the clash. Once the “abilities” of the first participant have been detailed, we will move on to the north shore. The Veszprém side is a bit like enjoying wine: you need to be mature to enjoy it. Everything is different in the north, and that could even be the motto of the area. Here the water deepens faster, the hills are replaced by mountains, and the crowded waterfront is replaced by wooded, airier spaces.

The “northern parties” are also quite different from the southern ones: “Over here” you have to learn to enjoy the tranquillity, the spectacle, the melodies of cicadas during the night, the gastroorgies, and the intoxicating juice of the grapes. And for such adult pleasures, you must first grow up. As much as we could not appreciate the wonderful panorama of Badacsony's terraces as a child, that much we belong to the audience who just wanted to sunbath in peace. And today … We flee from our childhood copies to the shady porches of the most isolated wineries to finally taste the latest nectar from a local winemaker, then order a sizable trotters and with soaking wet but still crispy bread pieces by the “juice” of the meat. And how well we do it, because the alcohol in the heat of the early afternoon is sucked in like a sponge by the greasy bread will be saving our body from early “release”.

Still, what is the best on the North Shore? Well, the proximity to the south coast: we don't even have to choose, as in an hour or two we can “leak” from one side to another by ferry, car, water taxi, or even by bike. Those who are bolder can try swimming, but we don't recommend it. Especially not after wine tasting. Yes, we are very strong at that time and we are brave. As well as smart. But not really. And we can say that for sure.

But then who won the war? North? Or south? Well no one and everyone. It's good everywhere, but Lake Balaton is the best!

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