Rules of bathing

Even with or without Pandemic, it is still worth remaining cautious, especially in crowded places. For example, on the beaches. There are so many written and unwritten rules that don’t hurt to remind ourselves at the start of the season, because as the saying goes: it’s better safe than sorry.

Freedom, relaxation, and swimming in an educated way? We would not like to go into the basics of etiquette, yet we feel that it is always important to draw attention to a little thing or two. So let's start with the basics. Don’t spit, yell, litter, and only take your pet to the designated beach. If this is already the case, we can turn to the slightly more complex topics. In the age of smart phones, tablets, and other high-tech devices, everyone is tapping, watching videos, listening to music. As everyone loves to have fun we  do it at home, on public transportations and on the beach too. On the other hand, force other people to listen our latest best of is not very nice, because the question of the music best suited for bathing - like so many other things in the world - is subjective.

It's good to eat and you have to eat. However, it is a less uplifting feeling to step into someone’s snatched, leftover food full of ants. That is why it is advisable to throw out the leftover. Let’s not get bogged down in selective, non-selective rules, first things first. Of course, if there is a possibility to collect the garbage selectively on the beach, follow the instructions and make the world better. 

Turning to slightly more serious topics, it is important to mention in a few words the correct, non-harmful sunbathing habits. No skin type is good for direct sunshine and high UV radiation, so stay in the sun as little as possible between 11 and 15 hours. Don’t want to tan in a few hours, as excessive sunbathing can pose serious risks. Be aware of your skin’s tolerance, if necessary, seek the advice of your dermatologist and use high-factor sunscreen. The children’s skin is extremely sensitive, so don’t even let them play for long in the burning sun, even when they are “creamed”. Wearing a hat is highly recommended for all ages, otherwise bathing could easily end up to a heat stroke. Rarely mentioned, yet sunglasses are an important accessory for summer. Many people can’t stand it, even though high UV radiation can be as dangerous to our eyes as to our skin.

In previous months, the coronavirus has kept the whole world in awe. We don’t have to be afraid, if we follow a few rules, we can avoid trouble. Keep a close eye on social distancing - although we know this is not an easy task in the water, let’s try to take care of ourselves and our fellow human beings. The importance of hand washing is still not negligible, and if we are sick - no matter how tempting the beach and the good weather are - let’s not go to the crowd, stay home.

Let our health always be a priority, let’s take care of each other so that the summer of 2020 can finally forget the plagues we had at the beginning of the year.


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