Balaton Yacht Club

Address: 8226 Alsóörs, Vasút utca 5.

The Balaton Yacht Club has a 108-year history, it was founded in 1912 as the second sailing association in Hungary. In the course of its activities, it has always considered and continues to consider the development of domestic sailing, the education of young sailors, the promotion of Hungarian competitive sailing and elite sports, the emphasis on the values mediated by sports, and the delivery of sailing to the widest possible audience. Their members are united by their love of sailing and their commitment to the development of domestic sailing. 

Adult amateur competitive sports and adult education 

The positive physiological effects of sailing are well known and can be cultivated until late old age. Balaton Yacht Club provides their members the conditions to develop and compete in the sport. They also organize adult education where their members can develop their sailing knowledge and competitive tactical skills. In cooperation with WindWorks Kft, they organize courses several times a summer. 

Sailing children's camps and school sailing programs

Summer sailing camps provide an excellent opportunity to learn about and love the sport of sailing, in which their experienced and trained instructors are excellent partners. Through their school sailing program, which triggered a physical education class, they provide an opportunity for schoolchildren on the shores of Lake Balaton to learn the sport. 

Sailing program for youth education 

Their program covers the entire lifecycle of sailing youth education, from organizing beginner children’s camps, through talent selection and talent care to youth competitive sports and elite sports, with the participation of highly trained coaches in several boat classes. 

Olympic competitive sports

Flóra Virág and Dávid Molnár are a young racing double preparing to the Olympic qualification with their Nacra 17 Foiling  boat in the colors of their Balaton Yacht Club-

Sailing competition organization

The success of a sailing competition is based on ensuring a high level of professionalism on both water and shore. They strive for this excellence in their competition management activities. Both youth and adult competitions are held.


8226 Alsóörs, Vasút utca 5.
+36 70 770 6363

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