SUPport - Fonyód

Address: 8640 Fonyód, Fonyódi kutyás fürdőhely

In Fonyód, not only “humans” can enjoy the opportunities provided by Lake Balaton, but we can also organize events or water programs with our four-legged friends. For example, we can take them on a SUP tour.

The lovely little wooden house in the area of the Fonyód Kutyás Fürdőhely hides many “SUP wonders” and its operators are real party faces who are always ready for fun. A good atmosphere spiced with music is essential for them, and if there are no guests nearby who want to SUP with a dog, then the main attraction of SUPport - Fonyód can come. Tamara and Tóbiás, the two T-Rex prehistoric giants, gladly jump on SUP for the sake of anyone to dazzle the beach’s two- and four-legged audience. The sunset does not mark the end of the day with the SUPport - Fonyód team, as it is not uncommon for a frantic party to start on their SUP board planned for 10 people in the early evening.

Do not you believe it? Try it!


8640 Fonyód, Fonyódi kutyás fürdőhely
+36 70 540 1773

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