Balaton Golf Club - Footgolf

Address: 8242 Balatonudvari, Vászolyi utca

They kick with their feet, they play with football, but there is no goal, just a hole. Yet not golf, nor football. The name of the game is footgolf!

In the sport, which started from the Netherlands a little over a decade ago, European and world championships have now been held several times. This sport embodies all the beauty of football and the elegance of golf, thus motivating the participants to the best performance while enjoying the freedom of nature. Whether it’s individual, friendly, or even family pastimes, footgolf is fun for everyone.

On the Balaton Golf courses, in every 10 minutes, quartets can start their journey of playing from Monday to Sunday. Golfers and footgolfers can enjoy the spots at the same time without interruption, as the organizers leave 20 minutes, or 2 "tee times", after each footgolf's "tee time".


8242 Balatonudvari, Vászolyi utca
N46 54’ 37’, 8” E 17 48’ 09,2”
+36 87 549 200

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