Balaton Adventure Park

Address: 8229 Paloznak Hrsz: 0983

Head for freedom!

Between Veszprém and Csopak, in a beautifully landscaped environment, the Balaton Adventure Park has been waiting for its returning and new guests for the 7th consecutive years. In the nearly 4-hectare green environment, among the exciting, extreme and fun games, adults can be children again, and children can have fun with no limits.

There are many who have already tried out the new elements handed over last season: the 15-meter giant pendulum, the extreme slider that starts from an 18-meter-high tower and “glides” 300 meters above the theme park, the 5-meter-high bike rope course and the water games for little ones. In addition, dozens of game elements and more than 100 obstacle courses await adventurers.

In the theme park, which was renewed last year, safety is paramount in all respects in the current circumstances. The start of the season this year will be different than before, but the operators will do their best to make guests feel completely safe. As a result, a hand disinfection points have been set up, gloves are provided for climbing, and equipment and toys are constantly disinfected. The animators also work in gloves and a masks, and the masks is also recommended for guests to wear. The recommended protection distance of 1.5-2 meters is requested in the park area. If we take care of each other, this season will also have unforgettable experiences for everyone!

Can the adventures begin?


8229 Paloznak Hrsz: 0983
+36 20 946 0641

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